The Bridge on the Drina Character Descriptions

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Mehmed Pasha Sokolli

This character is ten-years-old when he is kidnapped and brought to another town.

Alihodja Mutevelić

This character is nailed to the kapia by his right ear.


This character is a proprietress of a hotel.


This character carries a green staff.

The Arab

This character is killed by a huge falling block of stone during the bridge construction.

Arif Beg

This character is a calm, strict, and honest foreman of the bridge construction.

Fehim Bahtijarević

This intellectual debates the value of orientalism on the bridge.

Dr. Balas and Mme. Bauer

These characters play duets.

Shemisbeg Banković

This character retreats completely from the changes that occur during the Austrian occupation.

Salko Ćorkan

This character is an orphan with only one eye.

Gregor Fedun

This character allows a disguised brigand to cross the bridge under his watch.

Toma Galus

This character intends to study philosophy at...

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