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Chapters 1-2

• The town of Višegrad, located near the fast-flowing Drina River, is centered on a triangle of land formed by the junction of the smaller Rzav River.

• The road from Sarajevo to Stambul passes through, requiring ferry service until the stone bridge is built.

• The bridge's center is splayed out to double the width to serve as the town's cultural meeting place (kapia).

• On the right side is the stone sofa for seating, backed by a protective parapet, in whose center is an inscription praising the builder.
• Once the bridge is built, Višegrad develops at its ends.

• Generations grow up playing around it and learning its legends

• Different versions of the legends exist for Christians and Muslims.

• Weddings and funerals stop on the kapia.

• The people of Višegrad are easier-going and more carefree than in other towns.
• In 1516, slow, surly Jamak ferries people across...

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