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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bach learn from the contents of the folder on Leslie's desk?
(a) She doesn't love him.
(b) She is in love with someone else.
(c) She is a poet.
(d) She has a child.

2. Why is Leslie mad at Bach in Chapter 25?
(a) For going to Spain.
(b) For not returning to LA.
(c) For not calling her.
(d) For violating her privacy.

3. How does Bach say Leslie should get to her appointment in Chapter 26?
(a) Boat.
(b) Car.
(c) Airplane.
(d) Train.

4. Bach has a conversation with a new self. What does he refer to this new self as?
(a) "The newcomer".
(b) "Newbie".
(c) "The new kid".
(d) "The new man on campus".

5. Whom does Bach decide would have been killed if he had not been talking to Leslie?
(a) Both of them.
(b) Himself.
(c) Leslie.
(d) No one.

6. What does Bach do that makes Leslie laugh while they are driving home from the movie?
(a) Practices cursing.
(b) Tells a joke.
(c) Sings.
(d) Gets lost.

7. What are Bach and Leslie doing at the start of Chapter 27?
(a) Flying.
(b) Sitting.
(c) Walking.
(d) Sailing.

8. After Bach and Leslie's argument in Chapter 33, how does Bach shock Leslie?
(a) Tells her he doesn't want to see her anymore.
(b) By leaving.
(c) Tells her he loves her.
(d) Asks her to marry him.

9. What does Bach realize in Chapter 35?
(a) For some reason he is being protected.
(b) He is scared.
(c) He wants to get married.
(d) He loves Leslie.

10. What fear does Leslie conquer in Chapter 33?
(a) Heights.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Commitment.
(d) Flying.

11. Why does Bach get angry with Leslie after she goes to lie down in the trailer?
(a) She tells him she is seeing someone else.
(b) He thinks she is faking.
(c) She does not tell him where she is going.
(d) She lies to him.

12. What composer does Leslie question Richard about?
(a) Mendelssohn.
(b) Mozart.
(c) Johann Sebastian Bach.
(d) Beethoven.

13. Why does Bach think the IRS fiasco happened?
(a) To show him he needs to pay more attention.
(b) To show him who his friends are.
(c) Because the money was making him miserable.
(d) To show him how important Leslie was to him.

14. In Chapter 32, who is beginning to have a problem with this agreement Bach and Leslie had made in their relationship?
(a) Neither of them.
(b) Bach.
(c) Leslie.
(d) Both of them.

15. Where does Bach go to appear in TV interviews?
(a) New York.
(b) Madrid.
(c) Paris.
(d) LA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What big milestone occurs in Bach and Leslie's relationship in Chapter 18?

2. Whom is the attorney Leslie hired while Bach was in Spain?

3. What did Harry have the audacity to ask Bach?

4. What had Bach and Leslie agreed upon in their relationship?

5. Which of the following people were not involved in the tax fiasco?

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