The Bridge Across Forever: A Lovestory Fun Activities

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Students will create a mural of Bach's spiritual journey.


From everything the students have read about "The Messiah" the students will draw a portrait of "The Messiah".


The students will create a Search-A-Word puzzle using the following words: Richard Bach, Leslie Parrish, Mary Moviestar, Katherine, Eleanor, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Stan, John Gartner, John Marquart, Airplanes, Spiritual Realm, Hayfield, Gladys Hutchinson Memorial Library, Russell, Iowa, Travel Air Biplane, Florida, Tin Witch, Long Beach, California, Los Angeles.


Students will use clay to create a model of Bach's biplane.

Scenic Art

Students will create a piece of scenic art in which they will draw the setting at the beginning of the story.

Comic Strip

In Chapter 14, the conversations between Bach and Leslie are described as comical and as conversations of good friends that can jump from topic to topic and speak about everything. Students will create a...

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