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Bob Woodward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 1973 Term.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Burger keeps track of the justices workload on what?
(a) A legal pad.
(b) A chalkboard.
(c) A computer program.
(d) A large sheet of butcher paper.

2. What is the other state (not Texas) who has an abortion case come before the Court in 1971?
(a) Georgia.
(b) Alabama.
(c) Arizona.
(d) Nevada.

3. After the firing of Archibald Cox, who does President Nixon turn the tapes over to?
(a) Judge Sirica.
(b) Judge Marshman.
(c) Judge Rantlet.
(d) Judge Viviani.

4. Where are Marshall and his clerks when the firing of Archibald Cox is announced?
(a) The White House.
(b) The University Club.
(c) The Press Club.
(d) Marshall's Fall Church house.

5. Flood v. Kuhn involves which baseball team?
(a) St. Louis Cardinals.
(b) Mets.
(c) San Francisco Giants.
(d) NY Yankees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Douglas assigns the Lloyd opinion to which Justice?

2. What is the famous case about abortion that the Supreme Court hears?

3. On what day does Harlan resign from the Court?

4. As chief justice, Burger was in charge of what building?

5. Jaworski asks for a special review by the court in the Watergate tapes case. What is the name of this type of review?

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