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Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Helmuth try to signal Karl when they are at the Hall of Mirrors?

2. When Helmuth is returned to Gestapo headquarters in 1942, what color do his and other prisoners wear?

3. In March of 1941, what time does Helmuth listen to Gerhard's shortwave radio?

4. In 1942 when does Helmuth ask Werner Kranz to translate a pamphlet into French?

5. What is Helmuth doing as the SS sit at a large table in the middle of the room and talk and laugh?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Gerhard comes home in 1941, what does he look like?

2. As 1940 ends, how is the war proceeding and what rumors are heard?

3. Where do prisoners wait for their interrogations at Gestapo headquarters and how do they wait?

4. What is heard and seen at midnight on New Year's Eve in 1940?

5. When Helmuth tells Hugo what he is writing his thesis for graduation, what does Hugo tell him?

6. What does Helmuth discover at his workplace after he graduates from school?

7. How do the Gestapo agents search Helmuth's grandparents' apartment, and what do they find?

8. How does Helmuth feel after he betrays Karl and Rudi and why does he decide that he must live?

9. How do Helmuth, Rudi, and Brother Worbs spend New Year's Eve in 1940?

10. What is the concentration camp like where Helmuth is taken after his first interrogation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Helmuth has to write an essay titled “Adolf Hitler, Savior of the Fatherland.” What does Helmuth write about Hitler in his essay? Does Helmuth believe what he writes? Why does he write like he does if he believes differently? Why does Helmuth feel like a coward and a traitor after writing the essay?

Essay Topic 2

In the novel characters who demonstrate courage show their courage in different ways. Who are some of the characters who are courageous? How do they show their courage? How does courage help characters to take action in spite of the great chance of failure?

Essay Topic 3

Helmuth is labeled as a non-conformist when he questions a picture that shows a sailor holding the flag above the sea while he drowns. In what ways is Helmuth a non-conformist? How does being a non-conformist affect the way that Helmuth struggles to fit in with the Hitler Youth and other aspects of the Nazi regime?

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