The Boy Who Dared Short Essay - Answer Key

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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1. Where is Helmuth on Day 264 in 1942 and what is he thinking?

Helmuth is in a cell on the ground floor of a prison. He is on a bed made of wooden boards with no mattress or blanket. He huddles on the bed shivering and trembling. It is Tuesday, and the executioner works on Tuesdays. So he wonders if this will be the day he is executed.

2. In 1928 what does Helmuth see on the street when he is walking with his mother and half-brothers?

As Helmuth is walking with his mother and half-brothers, he sees a parade on a noisy, crowded street. There are brown-shirted men wearing red-and-black armbands and tall, black, shiny boots marching.

3. In 1942, what does Helmuth do when a loud bell clangs?

A loud bell clangs and bright prison lights come on. Helmuth sits and then stretches. He rubs his arms underneath his gray prison smock. He walks across the bare floor to the corner where he relieves himself in a slop bucket. Then he lifts his bed against the wall, hooks it into place. Sits on the stool and waits.

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