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Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Memories of 1941 - Pages 90-137.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 1940, how many people can the bomb shelters built in Hamburg hold?
(a) About 700.
(b) 1025.
(c) Up to 1,000.
(d) 850.

2. In 1938, when does Hugo go out with others and destroy Jewish neighborhoods?
(a) November 13.
(b) November 9.
(c) November 15.
(d) November 30.

3. When does Helmuth's mother have a new boyfriend?
(a) March 1935.
(b) April 1935.
(c) May 1935.
(d) June 1935.

4. How does Helmuth learn that Brother Worbs has been arrested?
(a) Gerhard.
(b) Rudi.
(c) Hugo.
(d) At work.

5. In 1932, what are the two armies that Helmuth's tin soldiers represent?
(a) British and German.
(b) French and German.
(c) Swiss and German.
(d) Polish and German.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brother Worbs read on New Year's Eve 1940?

2. In May 1933, who does Gerhard say is Hitler's favorite author?

3. In 1942, how many paces does it take Helmuth to go the length of his cell?

4. In 1938 where is Hans an apprentice?

5. When Karl listens to the shortwave with Helmuth in 1941, how many Nazis are left behind dead and wounded?

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