Objects & Places from The Boy Who Dared

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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The Flat

This is where Helmuth lives with his mother and brothers. It is next door to his grandparents, who watch over the boys when their mother is working.

Karl May Adventure Novel

This is something that Gerhard enjoys reading. The books are about the American West.


This is a junior branch of the Hitler Youth. When Helmuth joins, his stepfather pays his dues and gives him the shirt uniform.

The Reichstag

This is the government building that burns when Hitler comes to power. Hitler blames the Communist, but it is thought that his troops probably started the fire.

Mormon Articles of Faith

These are statements that comprise the beliefs of Herlmuth’s church.

People's Receiver

This is a radio that receives only German radio broadcasts.

The Oberbau

This is the school that Helmuth attends after elementary school. Studies concentrate on becoming a good German citizen and...

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