Daily Lessons for Teaching The Boy Who Dared

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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Lesson 1 (from 1942-Memories of 1928-1932 - Pages 3-11)


The objective of this lesson is to discuss the point of view of the novel and how it influences the story. The Boy Who Dared is told from a third-person omniscient point of view. What a reader knows about events and characters is determined by the point of view. Point of view determines how readers view the story and the characters in a story.


Class Discussion: Is there an obvious narrator who tells the story? Do readers know what characters are thinking or do they have to guess what characters are thinking? What does the narrator of the story seem to know about the characters and the story? In what ways is the narrator omniscient? How does the author allow readers to be privy to emotions of Helmuth? What is the point of view of flashbacks? What is the point of view of the novel...

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