The Boy Who Dared Fun Activities

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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Further Reading

Read one or two of the books mentioned by the author in the Author's Note.

Why Hitler?

Discuss with a group why the German people went along with Hitler and did not try to fight back.


Write ten questions that you would ask Helmuth if you could interview him.


Imagine that you are someone interested in Helmuth and his case. Write a letter to the justices explaining why Helmuth should not be executed, but should receive a lighter sentence.


Draw a portrait of Helmuth's family.


Create a timeline of the major events.

Map It

Create a map showing places mentioned in the book.

Hitler Becomes Chancellor

Imagine that you are a reporter when Hitler comes to power. Write a newspaper article about him and his rise to power.

The Versailles Treaty

Discuss this treaty with a group. Discuss why it caused such...

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