The Boy Who Dared Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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Essay Topic 1

The novel is told from a third-person omniscient point of view. How does having an omniscient narrator help readers understand events and characters? How does the point of view determine how readers view the story and the characters?

Essay Topic 2

Hitler make the Communist and Jews scapegoats for everything that was wrong with Germany. What problems did Germany have when Hitler rose to power? How and why did Hitler make the Communists and Jews scapegoats for all that was wrong with Germany? How did using Communists and Jews as scapegoats help solidify his position and power?

Essay Topic 3

Once Hitler became chancellor, he began taking away the rights of German citizens and of Jews. What freedoms did Hitler take from the Germans and the Jews? What force did he establish to enforce his laws? How did Hitler and the Nazis abuse the power they gained?

Essay Topic 4

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