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Susan Campbell Bartoletti
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1942-Memories of 1928-1932 - Pages 3-11

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. The Boy Who Dared. Scholastic Press, 2008, First Edition, Hardcover.

• In October of 1942, Helmuth Hubener has been imprisoned for 264 days at the Plotzensee Prison in Berlin.

• His cell is small and has only a small stool, scrawny table, and a bed made of wooden boards with no mattress or blanket.

• Helmuth is 17, and he lies awake trembling.

• It is Tuesday, and the executioner works on Tuesdays.

• Helmuth uses memories to keep the fear he feels at bay.

• He remembers in 1928 how he is walking with his mother and half-brothers down a street in Hamburg where they live.

• They live in a small flat next door to Helmuth’s grandparents.

• Helmuth is three.

• His brothers are walking ahead, but he has to hold his mother’s hand.

• Ahead...

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