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Leon Leyson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By Chapter 4, what was the goal of the Leysons?
(a) To do work that they loved.
(b) To move to a different location.
(c) To stay alive until the Germans lost the war.
(d) To work different shifts.

2. Which moments does Leon say are the worst of his life?
(a) Seeing the Poles ransack the apartment of their Jewish neighbor who had fled.
(b) Learning that Germany had invaded Poland.
(c) Being ignored by his former friends.
(d) Watching his father getting beaten and taken away by the Gestapo.

3. In the prologue, why is Leon Leyson, the author and narrator, nervous?
(a) He is scared about mistakes he has made in the past.
(b) He is worried about World War II beginning.
(c) He is concerned about his economic situation.
(d) He is afraid that Oskar Schindler will not remember him.

4. Why did Leon's parents no longer have money in a savings account in Chapter 3?
(a) All bank accounts belonging to Jewish people had become Nazi property.
(b) They gave it to Chanah's parents.
(c) They withdrew it from the bank to have it in cash if needed.
(d) They had to spend it just to be able to provide food and shelter for their family.

5. Who did Leon stand next to in the synagogue every Friday night and Saturday morning?
(a) Mr. Lansman.
(b) Jacob Meyer.
(c) His great-grandfather.
(d) David.

6. How did Tsalig learn about electricity and its installation?
(a) He learned from his father.
(b) He attended an electronics academy.
(c) He taught himself.
(d) He took a correspondence course through the mail.

7. Where did Mr. Luftig promise to take Leon someday?
(a) Indonesia.
(b) America.
(c) Australia.
(d) India.

8. When did Germans show up in Krakow after having invaded Poland?
(a) August 11, 1945.
(b) October 13, 1942.
(c) September 1, 1939.
(d) September 6, 1939.

9. Which aspect of the Sabbath did Leon particularly enjoy?
(a) The academics.
(b) The quiet.
(c) The work.
(d) The business.

10. Who did Leon's parents and many others in Narewka make a mistake of trusting in 1939?
(a) The local merchants' association.
(b) The Germans who entered Poland.
(c) The Lansman family.
(d) The Polish people who entered Germany.

11. Who did Leon's father ask Schindler to hire?
(a) David.
(b) Chanah.
(c) Leon.
(d) Pesza.

12. Why did Leon not try to save Tsalig?
(a) He was worried that his family members would lose their jobs if he did.
(b) He was afraid his family would have to relocate to another apartment if he did.
(c) He knew he would be endangering his whole family if he did.
(d) He was afraid they would discover that his father did not have a work permit.

13. When did Leon's mother light the Shabbat candles?
(a) On Tuesday afternoons.
(b) On Friday evenings.
(c) On Sunday mornings.
(d) On Saturday evenings.

14. Why was Tsalig deported in Chapter 4?
(a) He did not show up as required.
(b) He did not have a Blauschein.
(c) He did not have a job.
(d) He refused to answer the Nazis' questions.

15. Why was going on a train ride exciting for Leon in Chapter 2?
(a) Leon wanted to design trains as a career.
(b) He had never ridden a train before.
(c) He had only ridden on small trains.
(d) His grandfather was a train conductor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Hershel's family, his parents and siblings, not see him much when they lived in Krakow?

2. Which child did Leon think was his father's favorite?

3. Which trait did Leon share with his new friends in Krakow in Chapter 2?

4. What language did Leon and other Jewish children speak at home?

5. Which group did Hitler blame publicly for Germany's problems?

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