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Leon Leyson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When were Leon and his family forcibly moved into the ghetto?
(a) December 1939.
(b) May 1941.
(c) March 1941.
(d) August 1940.

2. What did Mr. Luftig leave behind for Leon in Chapter 4?
(a) His silverware.
(b) His book collection.
(c) His tobacco.
(d) His thermos.

3. What happened when Leon's cousin Yossel asked his teacher if he could change his name to that of a Polish national hero?
(a) The teacher told Yossel that he should focus more on his studies.
(b) Yossel was sent to the hall for disrupting class.
(c) Yossel's teacher encouraged him to do so.
(d) Yossel was told he was not allowed, as a Jew, to have a Polish first name.

4. Why did the Nazi soldiers break into the Leyson family's apartment and slap Leon?
(a) They noticed that he was not wearing his required armband.
(b) He had refused to speak to one of them.
(c) He had disobeyed an order from one of them.
(d) They found out he was Jewish.

5. Who did Leon stand next to in the synagogue every Friday night and Saturday morning?
(a) Jacob Meyer.
(b) David.
(c) Mr. Lansman.
(d) His great-grandfather.

6. What ominous sign happened on September 1, 1939?
(a) Germany invaded and attacked Poland.
(b) The United States invaded Poland.
(c) Poland announced that it was changing its government.
(d) Poland invaded Germany.

7. Which word best describes Leon's parents?
(a) Extravagant.
(b) Carefree.
(c) Arrogant.
(d) Industrious.

8. Why did Hershel go to Krakow with his father?
(a) He preferred rural life.
(b) He was afraid that if he did not join his father there, he would not see his father again.
(c) He wanted to do something more "useful" than attending school.
(d) He was sent to a reform school there.

9. In Chapter 1, which of the following had the most influence in Leon's daily life?
(a) Mathematics.
(b) Politics.
(c) Religion.
(d) Clothing.

10. How did Leon's mother, Chanah, obtain food for her family after Moshe was taken away?
(a) She received help from other nearby Jewish families.
(b) She grew and harvested the food they needed.
(c) She traded the 10 gold coins her mother had given her.
(d) She worked at a factory.

11. By Chapter 4, what was the goal of the Leysons?
(a) To move to a different location.
(b) To do work that they loved.
(c) To stay alive until the Germans lost the war.
(d) To work different shifts.

12. In December 1939, what did Nazis decree that Jews could no longer do?
(a) Attend school.
(b) Take public transportation.
(c) Sit on park benches.
(d) Own businesses.

13. Why wasn't Moshe fired by the new Nazi owners of the glass factory when all other Jewish workers there were?
(a) He spoke German.
(b) He spoke Hebrew.
(c) He had been the first worker hired there.
(d) He begged not to be fired.

14. Why did Leon not try to save Tsalig?
(a) He was afraid his family would have to relocate to another apartment if he did.
(b) He was worried that his family members would lose their jobs if he did.
(c) He knew he would be endangering his whole family if he did.
(d) He was afraid they would discover that his father did not have a work permit.

15. What kind of work did Leon's mother do?
(a) She cleaned offices for Jewish Council members and Nazis.
(b) She worked in a brush factory.
(c) She cooked and cleaned for another family.
(d) She worked in an electrical plant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the people who broke in and ransacked a neighbor's apartment report Leon's father to the Gestapo?

2. Which trait did Leon share with his new friends in Krakow in Chapter 2?

3. Why did Leon's mother's siblings move to the United States?

4. During what part of the year were Jews in Narewka treated differently?

5. What was a way that Leon earned money in Chapter 2?

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