The Boy on the Wooden Box Short Essay - Answer Key

Leon Leyson
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1. After reading the prologue, what difficulties do you predict that Leon Leyson, the author and narrator, might face?

He might face the loss of friends and family members who are taken by the Nazis to concentration camps. Because of this, he also might experience anxiety and depression. In addition, he might feel guilty because he has been given the chance to work in Schindler's factories while many Jewish and other people will be hurt or killed by the Nazis. He also might face challenges in readjusting to a normal life after the end of the Holocaust and the end of World War II.

2. Why might Jewish people in Narewka have trusted German soldiers when they entered Poland in 1939?

They might have trusted the German soldiers because in the Great War, the German soldiers were not threatening. In World War I, the German soldiers appeared to simply be doing their duty and to be ready to return home to their wives and children. The people of Narewka, therefore, thought that the soldiers from Germany who occupied their area in 1939 would be similar to the German soldiers previously there. They felt that, logically, there was no reason to distrust them. Other factors, such as naivety and hopefulness that things would not get worse may have also played a role in this.

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