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Leon Leyson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the prologue, how did Oskar Schindler convince the Nazis to give permission for Leon and other Jewish people to work in his factories?
(a) He explained that they could help him build more factories.
(b) He said that the workers would help to rebuild Germany's economy.
(c) He claimed they were essential to the war effort.
(d) He claimed that they might possibly be spies working for the enemy.

2. Which of the following was true of Narewka in 1935?
(a) Its buildings were mostly brick.
(b) Its houses had indoor plumbing.
(c) Its streets were paved.
(d) It had electricity.

3. What happened when Leon's cousin Yossel asked his teacher if he could change his name to that of a Polish national hero?
(a) The teacher told Yossel that he should focus more on his studies.
(b) Yossel was sent to the hall for disrupting class.
(c) Yossel was told he was not allowed, as a Jew, to have a Polish first name.
(d) Yossel's teacher encouraged him to do so.

4. Who did Leon's parents and many others in Narewka make a mistake of trusting in 1939?
(a) The local merchants' association.
(b) The Lansman family.
(c) The Polish people who entered Germany.
(d) The Germans who entered Poland.

5. What is foreshadowed by the Yiddish song "Oyfn Pripetchik" (called "On the Hearth" in English)?
(a) The war lasting from 1914-1918.
(b) The forthcoming mistreatment of Jews.
(c) The upcoming Thanksgiving season.
(d) The family's religious rituals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Leon born?

2. Who did Leon stand next to in the synagogue every Friday night and Saturday morning?

3. What was the dominant religion in Poland?

4. Which child did Leon think was his father's favorite?

5. What language did Leon and other Jewish children speak at home?

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