Objects & Places from The Boy on the Wooden Box

Leon Leyson
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Wooden Box

Using this was the only way that Leon could reach the controls of his assigned machine; it gave him the opportunity to stay alive and appear useful.

Shabbot Candles

As an act of quiet defiance before being sent to the ghetto, Leon's mother would use these just long enough for the family to say the evening blessing on Friday. This ritual helped provide a family connection and reaffirmed who they were.

White Armband with Blue Star of David

As the restrictions against Jewish people in Poland increased before World War II, any Jew who was 12 or older was required to wear this; Leon decided he wasn't going to wear it when he became old enough.

Propaganda Posters

These depicted Jewish people in an inaccurate and insulting manner. One reason for them was to make non-Jewish people think badly and wrongly of Jewish people.


Here, even...

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