The Boy on the Wooden Box Fun Activities

Leon Leyson
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Current Event

Find a news article that is current about discrimination of any type. Bring this into class and be prepared to discuss it.

Schindler's List - The Movie

Watch the movie entitled Schindler's List. Compare it to the experiences Leon described in his memoir. Write a comparison and contrast of the two. Discuss with classmates and your teacher.

Hands-on Project

Create a hands-on project about The Boy on the Wooden Box. It could be a model of a building or a representation of a person in the book. Be prepared to present this to your class.

Multimedia Presentation

Create and present a multimedia presentation about some aspect of The Boy on the Wooden Box.

Create a Newspaper

Create a newspaper as it might have looked back then, reporting on any part of the history involving the Holocaust.


Write a poem related to the book.

Another Account

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