The Boy on the Wooden Box Character Descriptions

Leon Leyson
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Oskar Schindler

This individual saved the lives of many Jewish people, including the author, by allowing them to work in factories.

Leon Leyson

This person was able to reach the controls of a machine by standing on a wooden box.

David Leyson

This individual was the sibling to whom the author was closest, but this person would sometimes tease the author, including telling him that the noodles he was eating were actually worms.

Tsalig Leyson

This individual was kind and gentle and was a technical wizard; unfortunately, this person was taken away for not having a Gestapo-issued work permit, which was extremely traumatic for the author and his family.

Hershel Leyson

Instead of continuing to attend school, this person went with Moshe when he moved to Kraków.

Pesza Leyson

This person was skilled at electrical work and the one who the author thought was his father's favorite child...

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