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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bourne recall as he anticipates attacking the men at the campfire?
(a) All of the above.
(b) His floating dead family members.
(c) A bloody handprint.
(d) A bloody river.

2. What name does Webb use to get buzzed into Conklin's apartment?
(a) Harry Babcock.
(b) David Webb.
(c) Jason Bourne.
(d) Edward McAllister.

3. How does Webb access the green van at the Shumchun Reservoir?
(a) He storms the van with gunfire.
(b) He pretends it hits him and overcomes the driver, taking his gun.
(c) He sneaks in when the driver is distracted and takes the driver's gun.
(d) He pretends to hijack it and takes the driver's gun.

4. Who is Catherine Staples?
(a) A junior secret agent.
(b) A corporate executive officer.
(c) A senior foreign officer.
(d) A senior national officer.

5. Who is Morris Panov?
(a) Webb's neighbor.
(b) Webb's uncle.
(c) Webb's physician
(d) Webb's psychiatrist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is odd about the assassin's interaction with the cabaret's manager?

2. What important information does Webb obtain from the man who tries to trap him on the Star Ferry?

3. What is written on the note Webb leaves on the Kam-pek casino table?

4. After the attack in the cabaret, who do the police discover is one of the victims?

5. What does Webb do to help cope with his stress and problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which Webb/Bourne identity ultimately kills Sheng at the meeting in the clearing?

2. Describe the Frenchman's affiliation with the impostor Bourne.

3. What does Webb's reaction to receiving Marie's note tell the reader about the couple's relationship?

4. Why might Webb want to find out about Medusa after his wife first disappears?

5. In Chapter 36, why does Sheng suspect the situation is not being handled by a professional?

6. Why is it important for Webb to contact the conspirators rather than the other way around?

7. How does Webb move forward with his plan to save Marie after escaping the trap set at the memorial hall?

8. Why does d'Anjou bait Sheng to the point of his own execution on the night of the great blade?

9. How does Webb utilize the Assistant Manager and clerk at the hotel?

10. Why is Marie's escape from the hospital successful?

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