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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does McAllister tell Webb during their initial visit?
(a) He is a target for murder.
(b) Carlos the Jackal has found him.
(c) He is no longer a member of the CIA.
(d) Marie is very sick.

2. What does Marie recall about what Bourne says about studying things?
(a) Bourne says that if you study too hard, you will miss the bigger picture.
(b) Bourne says that if you study people, you will learn about their reactions.
(c) Bourne says that if you study the details, you may get confused.
(d) Bourne says that if you study things, you will find something you can use.

3. Which character is at the hospital conversing with the doctor and returns to the room after learning Marie has escaped?
(a) Bourne.
(b) Yao Ming.
(c) McAllister.
(d) Lin.

4. After being dragged into the woods, how does the third contact feel about his fate with Webb?
(a) Optimistic.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Saddened.

5. What links the taipan (with whom Webb meets) and Major Lin Wenzu?
(a) A diamond ring.
(b) A Rolex and cufflinks.
(c) An expensive suit.
(d) Designer shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. While in Conklin's apartment, what do Conklin and Webb work on together?

2. Why does Yao Ming claim to have kidnapped Marie?

3. Who is Catherine Staples?

4. Which of the following characters senses something is wrong during the conversation between Webb and McAllister?

5. To what does the term Zhongguo ren refer?

Short Essay Questions

1. By chapter 12, what events from previous chapters suggest that Marie is a strong and resourceful character?

2. What does Webb learn from the contact Jiang Yu at the beginning of Chapter 13?

3. What is the importance of the meeting between Webb and McAllister in Chapter 3?

4. Summarize the situation in Macau that is revealed to Webb in Chapter 3.

5. Describe the Frenchman's affiliation with the impostor Bourne.

6. What does Webb's reaction to receiving Marie's note tell the reader about the couple's relationship?

7. Describe McAllister's state of mind when he leaves Webb in Chapter 3, and why is this important?

8. What clue from Marie's story does McAllister discover from the Treadstone-71 file?

9. What is Conklin's and Webb's plan?

10. Discuss Webb's preparations for his trip to Hong Kong.

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