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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the assassin makes his kill in Chapter 1, what does his guard help him to do?
(a) Kill the people.
(b) Escape.
(c) Get dressed in clean clothes.
(d) Hide his weapon.

2. With what does Webb threaten the taipan if he fails to allow Webb to speak with Marie if Webb captures the impostor Bourne?
(a) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the Hong Kong officials.
(b) Webb threatens to expose his government's secret operation.
(c) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the U.S. government.
(d) Webb threatens to kill the impostor Bourne.

3. Who is Morris Panov?
(a) Webb's physician
(b) Webb's psychiatrist.
(c) Webb's uncle.
(d) Webb's neighbor.

4. While in the French restaurant on Causeway Bay, about whom does Jiang Yu give Webb details about contacting?
(a) A Swede at Pek-Kam's casino.
(b) An American at Kam-Pek's casino.
(c) An Englishman at Pak-fei's casino.
(d) A Frenchman at Kam-Pek's casino.

5. What is Marie's cover to the American couple in the arcade?
(a) A tour guide.
(b) A journalist.
(c) A psychologist.
(d) A school teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does McAllister feel when he leaves Webb following their discussion?

2. In which hotel does Webb reserve a second room?

3. After a prostitute hands Webb's note from the Kam-pek casino to a man who Webb then subdues in an alley, who does the man reveal he is to meet the next night?

4. What does Jiang Yu say to Webb while at the French restaurant that causes Webb to freeze?

5. What does Ballantyne reveal to Staples about the story McAllister has told Staples?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is revealed at the opening of Chapter 11 through the meeting with the large Asian?

2. What clue from Marie's story does McAllister discover from the Treadstone-71 file?

3. Why might the CIA and State Department have chosen McAllister as the link to David Webb?

4. Describe Webb's state of mind when he returns home and finds the ransom note.

5. Discuss Webb's preparations for his trip to Hong Kong.

6. Describe Webb's state of mind at the end of Chapter 7.

7. Do you agree with Marie's thinking that Webb's memories of Burma are healthy?

8. Summarize the situation in Macau that is revealed to Webb in Chapter 3.

9. What do Webb's actions in Wu Song's warehouse tell the reader?

10. How does Webb utilize the Assistant Manager and clerk at the hotel?

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