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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33-34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character is bothered by the government's manipulation of Webb?
(a) Alexander Conklin.
(b) Edward McAllister.
(c) Ambassador Havilland.
(d) Harry Babcock.

2. As he knows Webb is approaching, why is Conklin fearful after he puts Marie and Panov into a taxi?
(a) He knows Webb will kill him.
(b) He knows Webb will never reconnect with Marie.
(c) He knows he can no longer predict Webb's actions.
(d) He knows exactly who Webb wants to kill.

3. While still under cover of the woods, where does the third contact tell Webb the impostor Bourne is?
(a) In Macau.
(b) In Victoria Peak.
(c) In Shenzen.
(d) In Russia.

4. In Chapter 2, the United States learns that Sheng is planning something. What is it that Sheng is planning?
(a) An economic war.
(b) Guerilla warfare.
(c) U.S. assassinations.
(d) To invade Germany.

5. While devising their plan to uncover the traitor, how does Havilland attempt to force Conklin to turn in Marie?
(a) Tells him Marie must be there when Bourne calls or Staples will not be avenged.
(b) Tells him Marie must be there when Bourne calls or he will lose his job.
(c) Tells him Marie must be there when Bourne calls or all will be lost.
(d) Tells him Marie must be there when Bourne calls or McAllister will die.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Panov suggest to help calm Webb after Webb has interrogated several agents?

2. What does Marie take from the hospital guard?

3. For what is "Delta" is a codename?

4. While in Conklin's apartment, what do Conklin and Webb work on together?

5. After being injured outside the cinema, what does Lin announce to McAllister and Conklin when he staggers into the mansion?

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