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Chapter 1

• David Webb, the amnesiac protagonist, has served as a special operative for the U.S. government, but now lives in Maine with his wife, Marie.

• A significant assassination in Hong Kong suggests that the legendary killer, Jason Bourne, has come out of retirement.
• A man dressed as a priest crosses Victoria Harbor, gets off the boat, and enters a cabaret.

• During a planned distraction, the man assassinates five businessmen and a guard, and then exits the cabaret.

• The police find the name "Jason Bourne" written in blood at the scene.

Chapter 2

• Ambassador Havilland briefs Edward McAllister, a specialist in Oriental studies, about a special mission.

• Havilland informs McAllister that Jason Bourne is a myth created by the U.S. government.

• Jason Bourne's identity has been assumed by David Webb, Bourne's assassin.
• McAllister also learns that the Minster of State of the PRC, Sheng, is also a myth...

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