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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carlos insist must stop immediately?

2. What is Villiers' reaction to his ordeal?

3. Who is Alexander Conklin?

4. What is Bourne's real name?

5. Villiers is a member of what political group?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does D'Anjou tell Bourne about Cain?

2. What orders does Carlos issue in response to Bourne's harassment of Les Classiques employees?

3. Who shows up at Villiers' house?

4. Whom does Bourne arrange to meet at the Louvre?

5. Why does Villiers insist he could never work for Carlos?

6. Why does Bourne rent a second hotel room and place dummies inside before allowing Marie to call the Canadian Embassy?

7. What is Bourne's real name?

8. How does Bourne intend to use Villiers' wife to draw Carlos out into the open?

9. What does Marie discover when she calls one of the numbers Bourne discovered at Les Classiques?

10. Who does Conklin consult when he learns Bourne is coming to New York?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is found floating in the ocean? Where is this man taken? What is unusual about this man's overall appearance? What is found in this man's arm? What do these things imply about this man to the reader? What becomes evident about this man when he regains consciousness? What is significant about this man's fighting skills? How do these skills cause this man to stand out on the small island where he has come to live? Why does the man decide he would be better off leaving the island?

Essay Topic 2

What is Bourne's real identity? What is significant about this identity? Why did Bourne chose to become Cain? What is Bourne hoping to accomplish with this mission? What tragedy in Bourne's past is his possible motive for becoming Cain? Why did he choose Cain as his alter ego's name? Did Bourne get the result from his undercover work he hoped for? Does Bourne's memory come back? Why is Bourne placed under protective custody? Who comes to live with Bourne? What does Bourne remember in the final sentences of the novel? Is this an accurate memory?

Essay Topic 3

Who is D'Anjou? Why does Bourne meet with D'Anjou? What does D'Anjou have to tell Bourne? How does D'Anjou know Bourne? What does D'Anjou tells Bourne about Cain? How does Bourne react to this news? Why does Bourne agree to call the American Embassy? Who does the Embassy contact on Bourne's behalf? What does this person decide to do about Bourne's call?

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