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Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Marie and Villiers turn to for help?

2. Who accuses Bourne of lying about his amnesia?

3. Who has access to the phone in Villiers' home?

4. Who is placed under protective custody?

5. Where does Bourne decide to go?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Bourne placed under government protection?

2. Where does Villiers' wife take Lavier? Why?

3. Why is General Villiers a member of the National Assembly?

4. Whose fingerprints does Carlos' man leave at the scene of the murders in Treadstone's offices?

5. What does D'Anjou tell Bourne about Cain?

6. What does Marie discover when she calls one of the numbers Bourne discovered at Les Classiques?

7. Why does Marie insist that Bourne contact the American Embassy?

8. Who is responsible for the newspaper stories about Marie?

9. Why does CIA operative Conklin think Bourne killed the people at Treadstone?

10. Why does Villiers insist he could never work for Carlos?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Gillette? Why does he turn on Threadstone? What does Gillette hope to achieve with his betrayal? Does he get what he wants? What he deserves? What does Gillette get Abbott to say for Carlos' man? Why? What does Carlos' man tell Abbott? Why does Carlos' man kill Abbott? Why does Carlos' man kill Stevens and Webb? Whose fingerprints does Carlos' man leave at the scene of the murders? Who does Conklin believe killed Abbott, Stevens, and Webb? What is the significance of Webb's relationship to his suspected killer?

Essay Topic 2

Why are people attempting to kill Jean-Pierre? What does this say about the man Jean-Pierre once was? Why does Jean-Pierre go to Zurich? Why does Jean-Pierre go to the Carillon du Lac? What does Jean-Pierre learn about himself there? Why does Jean-Pierre go to the bank? What does Jean-Pierre learn there? Who attacks Jean-Pierre as he is leaving the bank? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Who is found floating in the ocean? Where is this man taken? What is unusual about this man's overall appearance? What is found in this man's arm? What do these things imply about this man to the reader? What becomes evident about this man when he regains consciousness? What is significant about this man's fighting skills? How do these skills cause this man to stand out on the small island where he has come to live? Why does the man decide he would be better off leaving the island?

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