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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose fingerprints are left at Treadstone?

2. With whom does Bourne see Villiers speaking?

3. How does Villiers' wife react to this phone call?

4. With whom does Bourne believe Villiers is working?

5. Who decides to fly to Paris to meet Bourne?

Short Essay Questions

1. What motivates Alfred Gillette to sell information to Carlos?

2. Where does Villiers' wife take Lavier? Why?

3. Why is General Villiers a member of the National Assembly?

4. What orders does Carlos issue in response to Bourne's harassment of Les Classiques employees?

5. What does Villiers overhear?

6. Who shows up at Villiers' house?

7. What does Marie discover when she calls one of the numbers Bourne discovered at Les Classiques?

8. What truth about Cain is revealed in this meeting at Treadstone?

9. What happens to Marie's contact at the Embassy?

10. Why does Bourne rent a second hotel room and place dummies inside before allowing Marie to call the Canadian Embassy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who is Cain? How does Bourne learn about Cain? How does Cain's identity cause Bourne to decide to leave Marie? What does Cain have to do with Marie? Does Bourne leave Marie? Why or why not? What is Marie's connection to Bourne? To Cain? Why does Marie insist on staying with Bourne? Who orders Marie to go back to Canada? Why? Does Marie go? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Bourne choose New York for the final showdown with Carlos? How does Bourne lure Carlos to Treadstone's offices? What does Bourne expect will happen during this showdown? What does happen? What does this showdown cause Bourne to remember? Are these memories accurate? Does Bourne kill Carlos? Why or why not? Who is Carlos? How many people have ever seen his face? Why is this?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Marie attempt to escape Bourne? Who does Marie believe Bourne is? What does Marie see Bourne do that leads to this conclusion? Who does Marie turn to when she escapes Bourne? What does she tell these people? Are these people really who they say they are? What do these people decide to do with Marie? Who begs for Marie's life? Why? Who rescues Marie?

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