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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the only person alive who can identify Carlos?
(a) David Webb
(b) Marie
(c) Crawford
(d) Conklin

2. Where does Villiers' wife take Lavier in Chapter 29?
(a) A church near her home.
(b) Villiers' house
(c) Bourne's hotel room
(d) Les Classiques

3. What does D'Anjou reveal about Cain?
(a) He is a persona made up to replaceCarlos.
(b) He is a persona created to trick Marie into confessing to murder.
(c) He is a persona intended to keep Bourne from learning his real identity.
(d) He is a persona made up to catch Carlos.

4. Who decides to take the blame for Villiers' crime?
(a) Bourne
(b) Crawford
(c) Marie
(d) Conklin

5. Why does Bourne not kill his contact despite the fact that the contact tried to kill him?
(a) Because the man is his friend.
(b) Because the man is disabled.
(c) Because the man was a member of Operation Medusa
(d) Because the man is his brother.

6. What does Bourne recall as he lies wounded from the attack?
(a) Operation Medusa's purpose.
(b) Killing Jason Bourne.
(c) Killing Abbott, Stevens, and Webb.
(d) Serving in Vietnam.

7. Who does Bourne suspect Carlos is?
(a) Villiers' son
(b) Rene Bergeron
(c) David Abbott
(d) Cain

8. What does Bourne later learn happened to the person Marie called?
(a) He was killed with a bullet to the throat.
(b) He was arrested.
(c) He was hit by a car.
(d) He disappeared.

9. Who is Gordon Webb?
(a) A politician.
(b) A Major with the Army associated with Treadstone.
(c) A member of Carlos's organization.
(d) A CIA agent.

10. Who was the real Jason Bourne?
(a) A spy for the English government.
(b) An agent for the CIA.
(c) A career criminal from Australia.
(d) A career soldier.

11. Who does Carlos order to be killed?
(a) Bourne and Marie.
(b) Crawford and Conklin.
(c) Everyone in Villiers' house.
(d) Everyone who works for Les Classiques, except the designer.

12. What does Conklin say about Bourne?
(a) That he is immature and untrustworthy.
(b) That he was always hostile toward the government.
(c) That he is a loyal citizen who would never go rogue.
(d) That he was always mentally unstable.

13. What is Villiers' reaction to his ordeal?
(a) Villiers is depressed and wants to die.
(b) Villiers is happy that his connection to Bourne is over.
(c) Villiers is tired and wants to go on vacation.
(d) Villiers feels his revenge is final and no longer wants to help Bourne.

14. How is Villiers dealing with this situation?
(a) He is happy to be of use to someone again.
(b) He is calm, sure Bourne will take care of everything.
(c) He is eager to involve the police.
(d) He is unstable, upset and angry.

15. What does Villiers' wife take from Lavier?
(a) Her purse
(b) Her job
(c) Her wallet
(d) Her coat

Short Answer Questions

1. Who informs Carlos of Bourne's actions?

2. Who decides to fly to Paris to meet Bourne?

3. On whom does Carlos assign surveillance?

4. Who is Alexander Conklin?

5. Who accuses Bourne of lying about his amnesia?

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