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This is a port city in southern France.

Ile de Port Noir

This is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea.


This is the largest city in Switzerland and a European banking center.

Tam Quan

This is a jungle in southeast Asia.

The Carillon du Lac

This is the Zurich hotel where Bourne takes Dr. St. Jacques hostage.

The Drei Alpenhäuser

This is the restaurant in Zurich whose name in English the names means 'The Three Chalets.'

Gemeinschaft Bank

This is the Zurich Bank where Bourne has an account.


This is a very dilapidated area of Zurich where Bourne rents a hotel room and has a confrontation with the man with the gold-rimmed glasses.


This is a large, famous university in Paris.


This is a popular building style for row houses in cities, typically made of sandstone.

une fiche

This is...

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