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Lesson 1 (from Preface | Book 1 Chapter 1)


Preface | Book 1 Chapter 1

Several characters are introduced in these early chapters. Discuss characterization.


1) Discuss Carlos with the class. Students should discuss who they believe he is, what his role in this novel might be, and what is significant about his criminal history. Students should also discuss why the author might have chosen to introduce Carlos through newspaper articles.

2) Discuss the injured man fished out of the Mediterranean Sea. Discuss with students what it might mean that the man was thrown off a fishing boat shortly before it explodes. Discuss with students the odd things the doctor discovers about his patient, such as the plastic surgery and the celluloid under the skin of his arm. Discuss with students the many possibilities that could explain these odd things about the injured man.

3) Divide students into groups. Have each group write a wanted poster for both Carlos and...

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