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Explore amnesia. Look up articles in library books or online. Bring articles to school that explain amnesia and give examples of patients who have suffered from it. Share with the class how these true stories compare with Bourne's experiences.

Undercover Agents

Read other stories that include spies and undercover agents. Compare and contrast those stories with The Bourne Identity.

Write a Story

Write a short story that features a character with amnesia. Include clues your character can find to discover who they really are.

Write a Poem

Write a poem about identity. Explore what identity means and how a person might feel if he/she lost his/her identity. Compare this loss of identity to the ordeal Bourne goes through in the novel.

Vietnam Vets

Invite some Vietnam Vets to speak to the class about their experiences in the war. Later have a discussion that compares and...

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