The Bourne Identity Character Descriptions

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Jason Bourne

This character spends much of the novel believing he is a brutal assassin, only to learn he is an undercover intelligence agent attempting to take down a ruthless killer.

Dr. Marie St. Jacques

This character works for the Canadian government as an economist.


This person is a ruthless killer who is wanted by police around the world.

Alfred Gillette

This person feels as though he is not appreciated by his superiors.

David Abbott

This person is a member of the Forty Committee and the mastermind behind both Operation Medusa and Treadstone Seventy-One.

Major Gordon Webb

This man is was kidnapped by North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War and is rescued by his brother.

Elliot Stevens

This person is a senior aid to the President of the United States.

Brigadier General Irwin Arthur Crawford

This person is a spokesman for Army Intelligence and is a member...

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