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Preface | Book 1 Chapter 1

• A man named Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, aka Carlos, is wanted for the murders of two French intelligence officers and a Lebanese man. He is thought to be in Lebanon.

• A man is shot and falls from a boat. The boat then explodes.

• The injured man is rescued by fishermen and taken to a small island where an alcoholic doctor lives. The doctor cares for the man while he is unconscious from a head wound.

• The doctor tells the injured man that he has had his appearance altered for some reason. The doctor also tells the man that he found film with a bank account number implanted in the injured man's arm.

Book 1 Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 | Book 1 Chapter 4

• The doctor determines that the injured man has amnesia. The injured man, who takes the name Jean-Pierre, recovers completely from his injuries, but has not recovered his memory...

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