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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Freda's reaction to the funeral?
(a) She is crying dramatically.
(b) She cries quietly.
(c) She is very quiet.
(d) She is detached.

2. What does Freda reject after she returns to work?
(a) Vittorio's invitation to dinner.
(b) Brenda's shared lunch.
(c) Maria's invitation to tea.
(d) Her new work hours.

3. Why does Rossi give Freda and Brenda the rest of the day off?
(a) He wants them to come in early tomorrow.
(b) He knows they have worked a lot of overtime lately.
(c) He knows it is a religious holiday for them.
(d) He thinks Freda's mother died.

4. How did Freda and Brenda know the woman who died?
(a) They worked with her.
(b) They knew her from the old neighborhood.
(c) They did not know her.
(d) They knew her from school.

5. Why is there an air of excitement in the wine factory?
(a) The Christmas party is coming up.
(b) The men are excited about the outing.
(c) There is talk of everyone getting a raise.
(d) Summer vacation is almost here.

6. Which of the following characteristics does Freda NOT notice about the apartment?
(a) The furniture doesn't match.
(b) There are cracks in the wall.
(c) It is really very charming.
(d) The furniture is cheap.

7. For what day is the company outing scheduled?
(a) Friday.
(b) Wednesday.
(c) Saturday.
(d) Sunday.

8. What distresses Brenda about her life?
(a) Her lack of a Master's degree.
(b) Her conciliatory nature.
(c) Her lack of a formal education.
(d) Her bad choices about men.

9. In what city is THE BOTTLE FACTORY OUTING set?
(a) Glasgow.
(b) Vienna.
(c) Dublin.
(d) London.

10. Which of the following does Brenda NOT have in her life?
(a) A child.
(b) An estranged husband.
(c) A mother.
(d) A mother-in-law.

11. What does Brenda think of as she tries to go to sleep?
(a) How she wishes she had a child.
(b) How Mrs. Haddon must be upset that she was not able to shoot Brenda.
(c) How she must look for a different job.
(d) How she wishes she could go back to Stanley.

12. Why does Freda stay home from work for a few days?
(a) She had outpatient surgery.
(b) Everyone thinks she is in mourning.
(c) She has a migraine.
(d) She has the flu.

13. What is NOT Freda's typical way of dealing with problems?
(a) Talking to Brenda.
(b) Becoming silent.
(c) Talking to Maria.
(d) Talking to Vittorio.

14. How can Brenda be characterized?
(a) Sickly.
(b) Funny.
(c) Robust.
(d) Sullen.

15. Why is Brenda upset that Patrick is coming to the apartment?
(a) The apartment is dirty.
(b) Freda will be upset by it.
(c) Freda's clothes are strewn about.
(d) The furniture is shabby.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Freda?

2. Who is the Irishman who works in the factory?

3. Where does Freda spend several days after the gunshot incident?

4. How does Vittorio react to Freda when he is in Rossi's office?

5. What does the note from Vittorio say?

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