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Chapter 1

• As the story begins, two roommates, Freda and Brenda are looking out their London apartment window to watch the funeral of a woman who had been a resident of the old people's home across the street.

• Freda is crying dramatically even though she did not know the dead woman while Brenda, who is easily embarrassed is even afraid to look out the window.

• Freda and Brenda had met in a butcher's shop and have been roommates ever since.

• Freda is a large 24-year-old girl who is very dramatic and patronizes a theatrical pub every week in hopes of being discovered.
• Brenda is sickly and withdrawn, and at the age of 32 feels as if she is ready for the grave.

• Freda has never been married and Brenda is separated from her abusive husband.

• Freda and Brenda work at a wine factory and Freda has planned an outing for...

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