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Michael Pollan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The book suggests that the decisions that a culture makes in which plants drugs to promote or prohibit help to ______.
(a) Marginalize people.
(b) Promote instability.
(c) Reinforce cohesion.
(d) Make people feel bad.

2. _________ is one example of a chemical which was tested before it was used, only to find that later on it affected other ecosystems.
(a) Marigolds.
(b) Neem oil.
(c) DDT.
(d) Bt.

3. The Dutch genius for horticulture leftover from the ________ combined with the influx of new seeds.
(a) Night Queen craze.
(b) Rose craze.
(c) Tulip craze.
(d) Apple craze.

4. Goats are associated with the discovery of _____, when it was observed they became frisky after eating the red berries.
(a) Mistletoe.
(b) Coffee.
(c) Chocolate.
(d) Tea.

5. Pollan suggests that on a biochemical level, psychoactive plants affect the brain much the way that the following activities except ______ affect it.
(a) Fasting.
(b) Meditation.
(c) Cold showers.
(d) Exercise.

Short Answer Questions

1. _______ are substances studied by ethnobotanists and refer to "the god within."

2. Potatoes today are descended from the center of _________ in the Andean altiplano, where wild ancestors grew them.

3. What needs to be kept artificially high in the clean rooms in order to keep other microbes out?

4. For the first time in history, the __________ of a plant is being domesticated by humans and by the scientific changes of humans.

5. Gene flow normally occurs between closely related __________, so it seems that the Monsanto varieties will not spawn superweeds.

Short Essay Questions

1. What might have happened if the police chief had seen the marijuana plant in Pollan's backyard?

2. What is the status of marijuana use and growing in Amsterdam, according to Pollan in his book?

3. What does Pollan begin to realize after the powerful storm that ruined a part of the famous gardens of Versailles?

4. What happens to the animal in the wild who decides to eat hallucinogens and thus takes in the toxins of these plants?

5. What is the most important thing to an animal's survival, according to the discussion of plants?

6. What is the rationale that Pollan gives for growing pot as he decides to do when it is not as much of a legal issue?

7. Describe the experience Pollan had when the police almost found his large marijuana plants in his backyard?

8. How does Heath avoid the purchases of many inputs on his farm so that he can save money?

9. What does Pollan believe the experience of the sublime has to do with the experience of nature?

10. What were the dangers of the potato, according to Malthus during the time of the rise of the potato?

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