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Michael Pollan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The book suggests that deep down, many gardeners see themselves as ________ transforming compost, water, and light into beauty.
(a) Herbalists.
(b) Spiritualists.
(c) Scientists.
(d) Alchemists.

2. ______ present in species such as the wild parsnip cause the animals that eat it to burn in the sun.
(a) Flavenoids.
(b) Photosensitizers.
(c) Photosynthesizers.
(d) Anthocyanins.

3. According to the book, cannabis is now America's leading _______ with sinsemilla selling for upwards of $500 an ounce.
(a) Cash crop.
(b) Import.
(c) Export.
(d) Economic problem.

4. When Pollan opened up the package to grow the NewLeaf potatoes, the card stated that he was now ________ to grow the potatoes.
(a) Authorized.
(b) Licensed.
(c) Legalized.
(d) Able.

5. What kind of storm took place in December of 1999, causing the gardens of Versailles to be ruined?
(a) Windstorm.
(b) Tornado.
(c) Snow storm.
(d) Flood.

Short Answer Questions

1. For the first time in history, the __________ of a plant is being domesticated by humans and by the scientific changes of humans.

2. Pollan suggests that on a biochemical level, psychoactive plants affect the brain much the way that the following activities except ______ affect it.

3. According to the book, the human penchant for drugs has allowed people to trip the brain's ______ system washing the brain in 'feel good' chemicals.

4. According to the book, drugs that alter the user's perception of time and space are taboo because they disrupt the _______.

5. ______ is the name given to the state-of-the-art growing regimen that could yield three pounds of sinsemilla in two months' time.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the experience Pollan had when the police almost found his large marijuana plants in his backyard?

2. What parts of the marijuana plant are supposed to be smoked?

3. What does Pollan begin to realize after the powerful storm that ruined a part of the famous gardens of Versailles?

4. Describe the NewLeaf potatoes that Pollan took in order to grow at his garden.

5. Why are cats so drawn to catnip, according to the research that Pollan does after seeing how his cat response to using this herb?

6. What does genetic engineering promise to do for the crops which are growing with these modifications?

7. How does one begin to grow potatoes, according to Pollan in the book?

8. What is the most important thing to an animal's survival, according to the discussion of plants?

9. Compare and contrast the tastes of plants which are supposed to be eaten with those which are not supposed to be eaten.

10. Why were the Irish open to farming the potato in order to provide food for themselves?

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