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Michael Pollan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Flowers are unable to choose ______ and therefore must rely on extravagant displays to attract insects.
(a) Climate.
(b) Weather.
(c) Soil.
(d) Mates.

2. One winter, Appleseed set up a house in a _______ outside Defiance, Ohio where he operated a pair of nurseries.
(a) Airplane hanger.
(b) Hollowed-out sycamore stump.
(c) Swamp.
(d) Log cabin.

3. Part of the Americanization of the apple had to do with the character of Johnny Appleseed whose real name was ______.
(a) Phil Forsline.
(b) William Jones.
(c) John Calhoun.
(d) John Chapman.

4. Michael Pollen compares Chapman to the Greek mythological figures _______.
(a) Dryads.
(b) Centaurs.
(c) Nymphs.
(d) Satyrs.

5. According to the book, the word _____ is a corruption of the Turkish word for Turban.
(a) Tulip.
(b) Rose.
(c) Orchid.
(d) Peony.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapman was known to go _______ in all kinds of weather and took it as a matter of pride in his toughness.

2. Johnny Appleseed was famous or infamous for wearing a _______ around wherever he went.

3. ______ orchard has become a kind of museum for several different apple species dedicated to maintaining the diversity.

4. Pollan asserts that even though daffodils came early in the season, _______ is not a true color for a child.

5. _______ is a social ritual of sanctioned craziness and release. It is a way for the community to temporarily indulge its Dionysian urges.

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when a person plants the seed of an apple tree into the ground? Will the resulting tree produce the same apples?

2. How did the tulip bulb end up coming into Holland, even though it was not a native plant in the area?

3. What did the Ottoman Turks discover about the wild tulips they found during one of their trips?

4. What are some of the effects of the chemicals within plants which begin the argument that plants might be designed to change humans?

5. What happens when a person cuts an apple at its equator with a sharp knife?

6. Why might it be possible to say that the plants are more evolved than humans are at this point in time?

7. Why did Pollan plant tulip bulbs when he was a child, according to his own reflections?

8. What is the aim of Pollan's book in terms of how it talks about the relationship between Man and Nature?

9. What is the possible coincidence that Pollan points out between the flowers and their ability to arouse desire in bees?

10. Who is John Chapman and what is his importance in the course of the history of the apply?

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