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Michael Pollan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the Monsanto headquarters located, according to Pollan's description in the book?
(a) St. Louis.
(b) Ausin.
(c) New York.
(d) Chicago.

2. ________, Pollan believes, is brutally reductive, simplifying nature's incomprehensible complexity to something humanly manageable.
(a) Sociology.
(b) Science.
(c) Agriculture.
(d) Chemistry.

3. Dave Hjelle from Monstanto tells Pollan something that makes him a little concerned. He says, "______________."
(a) I'm worried too.
(b) No problem.
(c) Trust us.
(d) It's problematic.

4. While the potatoes were unable to provide all of the nutrients a person might need, they could get the Vitamin A from ________.
(a) Peppers.
(b) Lettuce.
(c) Milk.
(d) The sun.

5. The book suggests that deep down, many gardeners see themselves as ________ transforming compost, water, and light into beauty.
(a) Alchemists.
(b) Spiritualists.
(c) Scientists.
(d) Herbalists.

6. Nature, Pollan admits, seems to be filled with ___________, making the growth process nearly impossible to control.
(a) Rules.
(b) Seasons.
(c) Variables.
(d) Pests.

7. What sort of potato was developed by the Incan people and just one of the many potatoes which used to grow?
(a) Striped.
(b) Gold.
(c) Spotted.
(d) Blue.

8. According to the book, the human penchant for drugs has allowed people to trip the brain's ______ system washing the brain in 'feel good' chemicals.
(a) Reward.
(b) Failure.
(c) Response.
(d) Alert.

9. According to the book, drugs that alter the user's perception of time and space are taboo because they disrupt the _______.
(a) Religious order.
(b) Verbal order.
(c) Social order.
(d) Political order.

10. The Dutch genius for horticulture leftover from the ________ combined with the influx of new seeds.
(a) Night Queen craze.
(b) Apple craze.
(c) Rose craze.
(d) Tulip craze.

11. Who took to wearing potato flowers in her hair in order to encourage the peasants to grow this plant for themselves?
(a) Marie Antoinette.
(b) Catherine the Great.
(c) Anne Tyler.
(d) No one.

12. Gene flow normally occurs between closely related __________, so it seems that the Monsanto varieties will not spawn superweeds.
(a) Waters.
(b) Lands.
(c) Environments.
(d) Species.

13. The books suggests that all of the following are successful defenses plants have adopted except _______.
(a) Confound.
(b) Repel.
(c) Disable.
(d) Death-dealing toxins.

14. The book states that one culture's cure all could be another culture's 'root of all evil' also known as ________.
(a) Panapathogen.
(b) Pangea.
(c) Panacea.
(d) Pangaia.

15. In order to reduce time and energy spent on growing male sinsemilla plants which are useless, growers started ______.
(a) Using clones.
(b) Changing the light patterns.
(c) Using different seeds.
(d) Killing male plants.

Short Answer Questions

1. The French romantics were said to have experimented with ________ after Napoleon's troops brought it back with them from Egypt.

2. Certain drugs, Pollan states, will cause objects around us to change until they appear as the _________ versions of themselves.

3. Andrew Weil has referred to marijuana as an _____________ when taking account of the phenomenon.

4. Dependence on the potato had made the ________ vulnerable to the perils of the economy as well as to those of nature.

5. The weedy _________ potatoes on the edges of Andean farms caused changes in the strains of potatoes which would grow.

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