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Michael Pollan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The concept of the apple being a healthy and wholesome fruit was dreamed up to fight the negative image from ______.
(a) The Women's Christian Plant Union.
(b) The Women's Christian Temperance Union.
(c) The Women's Christian Union.
(d) The Women's Christian Abstinence Union.

2. Appleseed used most of his crops in order to make ______, which led him to be thought of as an 'American Dionysus.'
(a) Apple vodka.
(b) Apple pie.
(c) Apple crisp.
(d) Fermented cider.

3. According to the book, the tulip is said to have the consciousness of _______, evoking clarity and order.
(a) Apollog.
(b) Dionysus.
(c) Venus.
(d) Zeus.

4. Johnny Appleseed raised ______ for sale and subsequent transplantation.
(a) Apple seeds.
(b) Apple trees.
(c) Apple cuttings.
(d) Apple clones.

5. Pollan asserts that due to the use of apple grafts from one generation to the next, the apple population has been made____.
(a) Strong.
(b) Weak.
(c) More wholesome.
(d) More nutritious.

Short Answer Questions

1. The book suggests that colors and symmetries are elemental principles of ______.

2. The book states that certain flowers are reminiscent of Greek Gods. The rose and the peony are stated to be flowers of ______.

3. The book states that before the evolution of flowers, life existed in a much _______ world.

4. Pollan asserts that even though daffodils came early in the season, _______ is not a true color for a child.

5. The opposite condition to the collective flower frenzy in which a person's depression keeps them from enjoying flowers is ______.

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