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Michael Pollan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Michael Pollen compares Chapman to the Greek mythological figures _______.
(a) Centaurs.
(b) Satyrs.
(c) Dryads.
(d) Nymphs.

2. Part of the Americanization of the apple had to do with the character of Johnny Appleseed whose real name was ______.
(a) John Chapman.
(b) John Calhoun.
(c) William Jones.
(d) Phil Forsline.

3. Apple trees are able to reproduce _______ which helps to facilitate their ability to be grafted to a root stock.
(a) Sexually.
(b) Periodically.
(c) Asexually.
(d) Daily.

4. One winter, Appleseed set up a house in a _______ outside Defiance, Ohio where he operated a pair of nurseries.
(a) Swamp.
(b) Log cabin.
(c) Airplane hanger.
(d) Hollowed-out sycamore stump.

5. ________ was an American Pioneer and introduced the apple in the Midwestern United States.
(a) William Jones.
(b) Phil Forsline.
(c) John Calhoun.
(d) John Chapman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapman was credited for introducing 'Johnny weed' or ________, to the state of Ohio.

2. Chapman was known to go _______ in all kinds of weather and took it as a matter of pride in his toughness.

3. Appleseed used most of his crops in order to make ______, which led him to be thought of as an 'American Dionysus.'

4. Chapman stated that he was promised "a true wife in heaven" and thus he never ______.

5. Johnny Appleseed is generally acknowledged as having planted _______ of apple seeds across a wide range of orchards.

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