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Michael Pollan
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Malus domestica

This item is the fruit of a tree that is one of the most widely-cultivated fruit trees in the world. The tree is small and deciduous and comes from an original range in Kazakhstan.

Red Delicious and Gold Delicious

These two items are two widely-recognized cultivars of Malus domestica. In the modern world, they are the two most popular varieties of this kind of fruit.

The Geneva Orchard

Modern apple research is conducted at several locations, including the Plant Genetic Resources Unit in Geneva, New York.

The Tulip

These items are plants of the genus Tulipa, which is comprised of about 100 species. From its original range in Turkey, this item was sent to Europe, where it enjoyed particular popularity in Holland throughout the 1600s.

Semper Augustus and Queen of Night

These names belong to two famous varieties. The former was the name given to arguably the...

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