The Botany of Desire Fun Activities

Michael Pollan
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Selling Apples to Others

Have students come up with a brochure which might be able to sell apples to others who do not know the differences between the varieties.

Watch The Botany of Desire

If students can find the documentary titled The Botany of Desire, have them watch this documentary and then compare it to the book.

Checking up on Michael Pollan

Have students research the life and the history of Michael Pollan to determine whether he is a trustworthy source.

Sharing Foods from the Book

Have students create recipes using apples or potatoes or both. Have students see how many recipes they can create with these foods as main ingredients.

Where Might One Purchase Tulips?

Have students do some research to find a few local flower stores which sell tulips. The students should find the current prices for tulips and how they are arranged.

The Monsanto Debate

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