The Botany of Desire Character Descriptions

Michael Pollan
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Michael Pollan

This person is the author of the text and has written other books and numerous articles. He is a recognized authority in environmental journalism and has won several prestigious awards.

John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)

This person was an American pioneer and legendary proponent of the apple tree and introduced the species to several locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

William Ellery Jones

This person who is fifty-one years old at the time of the book's publication, is presented as Ohio's leading authority on a historical figure. By profession, he is a fund-raising consultant. However, his passion is history.

Phil Forsline

This person is referred to as the curator of the Geneva Orchard, which is a sort of museum of apple tree varieties.

Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq, Carolus Clusius, and Sultan Ahmed

This person, ambassador of the Austrian Hapsburgs to the court of Süleyman the Magnificent...

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