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Åsne Seierstad
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Jamila's family react when the man visited her?
(a) They beat her.
(b) They kicked her out.
(c) They sent her to Paris.
(d) They took away her money.

2. Why did Jamila's husband leave her with his brother?
(a) He was taking a second wife.
(b) He was finding a job.
(c) He couldn't afford to support her anymore.
(d) He was getting a visa.

3. In "The Matriarch", how many people live in Sultan's apartment?
(a) 11.
(b) 8.
(c) 10.
(d) 9.

4. Where does Shakila go after shopping in "Billowing, Fluttering, Winding"?
(a) To her fiance's house.
(b) To a restaurant.
(c) To school.
(d) Home.

5. Where does "Billowing, Fluttering, Winding" take place?
(a) Kabul.
(b) Pakistan.
(c) The Afghan countryside.
(d) Burda.

6. Why does Sultan have to take such a long trip in "The Business Trip"?
(a) Because he has a lot of work to finish.
(b) Because it is difficult to cross the Pakistani border.
(c) Because he helps someone else get home.
(d) Because the capital is far away.

7. What does Shakila do after being painted with henna?
(a) She sleeps.
(b) She eats her feast.
(c) She goes for a walk.
(d) She reads a book.

8. How does Sharifa show she is upset with Sultan's choice of Sonya for a wife?
(a) She speaks against him in public.
(b) She doesn't attend the ceremony.
(c) She is rude to Sonya.
(d) She doesn't give them a gift.

9. How do the women discuss Saliqa's beating?
(a) They say it's just a joke.
(b) They say she is a disgrace.
(c) They say nothing about it.
(d) They say it is a shame.

10. How does Sultan dress while traveling in "The Business Trip"?
(a) He wears a suit.
(b) He wears traditional dress.
(c) He wears winter clothing.
(d) He wears old clothing.

11. What are the women doing in "Billowing, Fluttering, Winding"?
(a) Shopping.
(b) Cleaning.
(c) Talking.
(d) Driving.

12. Why doesn't Sultan buy the textbooks from a foreign publisher in "The Business Trip"?
(a) Because he wants to write them himself.
(b) Because he doesn't want them ideologically based.
(c) Because he can't afford it.
(d) Because he doesn't want to be found.

13. How does Shakila know Mahmoud?
(a) They are distant cousins.
(b) They grew up together.
(c) They work together.
(d) They met at the market.

14. Where does Sultan apply for visas to in 2001?
(a) India.
(b) The United States.
(c) Canada.
(d) England.

15. What do the women sit on in Sultan's apartment in "The Matriarch"?
(a) Mats.
(b) Couches.
(c) Benches.
(d) Small chairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Shakila and Mahmoud separated?

2. How does Shakila react to her engagement?

3. Where is Shakila married?

4. How many girls does Sultan select to choose his wife from in "The Proposal"?

5. What happened to Bulbula after suffering an illness as a child?

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