The Bookseller of Kabul Short Essay - Answer Key

Åsne Seierstad
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1. What does Sultan do when he wants to take a new wife in "The Proposal"?

When Sultan wants to take a new wife he finds three girls to choose from. Tradition says that a female relative must ask the girl's family for her hand, but none of Sultan's relatives will ask, so he goes to the parents himself.

2. What happens when Sultan marries Sharifa?

When Sultan marries Sharifa, his family disagrees with the match. They make it a point to either not attend the ceremony, or to dress inappropriately at the ceremony.

3. What is Sultan's history with selling books?

Sultan's history with selling books started when he was in college and he began buying and selling books. As the political environment in Afghanistan changed, so did Sultan's business. During times of fighting and extremism, Sultan was persecuted and his books were burned. In spite of this he continued selling books.

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