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Åsne Seierstad
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Smell of Dust, pgs. 163-180.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Jamila's family kill her?
(a) To avenge her crimes.
(b) To not be disgraced.
(c) It was an accident.
(d) To save money.

2. How did a man visit Jamila while she was with her brother-in-law?
(a) He waited on the back porch.
(b) He broke the key hole and opened the door.
(c) He opened the cellar door.
(d) He crawled through the window.

3. In "Billowing, Fluttering, Winding", what color are the burkas that blend together?
(a) Blue.
(b) Black.
(c) Gray.
(d) Brown.

4. Why are Shakila and Mahmoud separated?
(a) Mahmoud moves away for a job.
(b) Mahmoud gets married.
(c) Shakila moves away for a job.
(d) Shakila is forced to stop seeing him.

5. How do the women discuss Saliqa's beating?
(a) They say she is a disgrace.
(b) They say nothing about it.
(c) They say it is a shame.
(d) They say it's just a joke.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Bibi Gul and Sharifa talk about when Sharifa returns to Sultan's apartment?

2. What are the women doing in "Billowing, Fluttering, Winding"?

3. What does Sharifa do in Peshawar in "Crime and Punishment"?

4. Who is at the bath in "The Smell of Dust"?

5. How does Shakila react to her engagement?

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