Daily Lessons for Teaching The Bookseller of Kabul

Åsne Seierstad
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Lesson 1 (from The Proposal, Burning Books, pg. 3-22)


Sultan's first wife, Sharifa, refuses to attend the wedding of his second wife, even though it is tradition for her to be there. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the significance of Sharifa's refusal.


1) Class discussion: Who is Sharifa? What is she like? How does Sharifa feel about Sultan's decision to take a second wife? What is common about this practice? What should be Sharifa's role in Sultan's second marriage? What does she refuse to do? What parts of the second marriage does Sharifa participate in? How do the other female relatives feel about Sultan's second marriage? What do they do to show their disapproval? How does Sultan react to Sharifa's refusal to be at his second wedding?

2) Pair work: In pairs, students will scan "The Proposal" and make a chart that lists the traditions, roles and expectations of Sharifa in Sultan's second...

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