The Bookseller of Kabul Character Descriptions

Åsne Seierstad
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Sultan Khan

This person sells books and holds moderate political and religious beliefs.


This person is upset when her husband takes a second wife, but tries to remain supportive.


This person wants to teach English, but never finishes the process.


This person works for his father and orders his mother around. He tells his mother she can't work as a teacher.


This person is a second wife whose marriage helps her rise in social standing.


This person works for a Japanese television company.


This person is a carpenter who steals postcards to make money.

Hamid Karzi

This person is the leader of Afghanistan. He is a Pashtoon from Kandahar.


This person is the youngest daughter in her family.


This person is the youngest son in his family and sells candy in an old hotel.


This person is 14 years old...

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