The Bookseller of Kabul Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Åsne Seierstad
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The Proposal, Burning Books, pg. 3-22

• Sultan takes a second wife that his family disagrees with.

• Sultan has a long history with selling books.

• When the Taliban comes to power, some of Sultan's books are burned.

• Sultan tries to apply for a visa to Canada.

Crime and Punishment, Suicide and Song, pg. 23-40

• Sharifa waits for her husband and takes care of the book business.

• Sharifa and the other women tell stories about women who act out of love and are beaten because of it.

• Saliqa is a young girl who is beaten for talking to a boy.

• Jamila was a woman whose family killed her for meeting with a man while her husband was gone.

The Business Trip, pg. 41-67

• Sultan makes his way to Pakistan.

• Sultan reunites with his family.

• Sultan meets with a publisher to have textbooks printed for students.

Do You Want to Make Me Sad, pg. 68-80

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