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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12, II/52-II/60.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who restores Metabus' throne?
(a) His wife, Camilla.
(b) His daughter, Camilla.
(c) His wife, Zenobia.
(d) His daughter, Zenobia.

2. Whose counsel restores her husband to Emperor Justinian's favor?
(a) Curia.
(b) Antonia.
(c) Portia.
(d) Judith.

3. Whose duty is to judge and repay everyone according to their just deserts?
(a) Lady Reason.
(b) The Virgin Mary.
(c) Lady Justice.
(d) Lady Rectitude.

4. Which queen is responsible for capturing and killing King Cyrus when he attempts to attack the Amazons?
(a) Queen Fredegunde.
(b) Queen Thamiris.
(c) Queen Synoppe.
(d) Queen Dido.

5. When Veturia begs her son to make peace, what does he tell her she should do instead of begging him?
(a) Leave him alone.
(b) Stop listening to other people.
(c) Command him.
(d) Never speak to him again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the worst possible thing imaginable for chaste women?

2. Who is the author of the book that Christine reads at the beginning of "The Book of the City of Ladies"?

3. Who honors her husband in death by building a magnificent sepulcher to him?

4. Who invents new forms of poetry?

5. To Cato's claim that attractive women are like roses with thorns underneath, what does Reason say the thorns represent?

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