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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13, II/61-II/69.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who avenges her mother's death by killing the entire population of her mother's murderer's country?
(a) Semiramis.
(b) Hippolyta.
(c) Synoppe.
(d) Menalippe.

2. What do the Lombard women due to avoid being raped by the victors of their people?
(a) They cannot prevent the victors from raping them.
(b) Hid in the forest outside their village.
(c) Tuck dead chickens under their breasts.
(d) Commit mass suicide.

3. Who is able to reverse people's emotions and exhort men to perform courageous feats?
(a) Lavinia.
(b) Elissa.
(c) Dido.
(d) Sempronia.

4. Who marries Saturn and gives birth to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto?
(a) Dido.
(b) Sempronia.
(c) Opis.
(d) Lavinia.

5. Who invents new forms of poetry?
(a) Proba.
(b) Sappho.
(c) Manto.
(d) Cornifica.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which woman provided the greatest service to mankind?

2. Who is the first lady that speaks to Christine?

3. To Cato's claim that attractive women are like roses with thorns underneath, what does Reason say the thorns represent?

4. After the trench is completed, what must Christine do to begin building the foundation?

5. Who prophesies that Rome will be built on Mount Palatine?

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