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City of Ladies

This is inhabited by wise and virtuous women and ruled by the Virgin Mary.


This contains many stories of virtuous women, such as Ruth and Esther.


These are used as examples of good women, especially when they convert to Christianity.


This is the setting of the story.


This is where Lady Reason, Lady Rectitude, and Lady Justice live.

Justice's Vessel of Gold

This is what is used to serve each person with their rightful portion.

Reason's Mirror

This is a source of wisdom, clarity, and self-knowledge.

Rectitude's Ruler

This is used as a rod of peace to support the just and punish the unjust.

Matheolus's Book

The derogatory comments about the immorality of women in this make Christine ashamed to be female.


This is made of stories of women who excel in intellectual, political, and military pursuits.


This is...

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