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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The marriage was a happy one, until what?
(a) World War I began.
(b) World War II began.
(c) Willard lost his job.
(d) May became pregnant.

2. When Elmer Grey began coming around, a widower with a farm of his own, May accepted his attentions and they were married when?
(a) Two years later.
(b) A year later.
(c) Five years later.
(d) A short time later.

3. Why did May always think Willard would come back to her?
(a) Because the police could not find his body.
(b) Because the military was never able to supply a body.
(c) Because Willard said he would never leave her.
(d) Because she could not accept that he was dead.

4. When May discovered Sid had given Ruth a musical jewelry box, what did she do?
(a) She begged Sid to take it back.
(b) She quickly confiscated the gift.
(c) She asked Sid to say it was from her.
(d) She yelled at Sid.

5. May wore the same _________ from her sister's wedding to her husband's memorial service.
(a) Gloves.
(b) Dress.
(c) Scarf.
(d) Hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. May's main chore as a teenager was what?

2. Artie, from the dry cleaners, talks Ruth into joining what?

3. Ruth remembers the early letters Aunt Sid sent to her, filled with what stories?

4. Sid came to make amends with May over an argument dealing with what?

5. Ruth was left devastated by her own stupidity, despite advancing to the final _________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Artie get Ruth involved in an activity?

2. Describe Ruth's first meeting with Aunt Sid.

3. What led to a friendship between Ruth and Aunt Sid?

4. What is one memory Ruth has of her father?

5. With what was May burdened? Why? How did she feel about this?

6. What story does Ruth tell about going to a dance?

7. Why does Ruth believe the people in town must feel sorry for her and her family?

8. How did May come to spend a great deal of time with Willard Jenson?

9. How did May and Willard's marriage come to an end?

10. What leads to Ruth torturing Matt?

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