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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ruth begins working for Miss Finch. Miss Finch lives down the road from the Grey's and lost what in her old age?
(a) Her mind.
(b) Her sight.
(c) Her hearing.
(d) Her ability to speak.

2. When Elmer Grey began coming around, a widower with a farm of his own, May accepted his attentions and they were married when?
(a) Two years later.
(b) Five years later.
(c) A short time later.
(d) A year later.

3. Willard was killed where?
(a) In the Atlantic.
(b) On the train to work.
(c) In the Pacific.
(d) In a bar.

4. How does this affect Ruth?
(a) It forces her to look for a new job.
(b) It gives her a new place to work.
(c) It cuts off her exposure to great literature.
(d) It give her more work to do.

5. May often has to remind Ruth to do what?
(a) Be polite to the customers.
(b) Stay organized.
(c) Listen to her boss.
(d) Finish her work.

Short Answer Questions

1. Still she often had trouble with what?

2. How did Sid feel about Ruth's first letter?

3. On payday, Ruth hands her check over to May except for______ dollars which she puts away in a piggy bank.

4. Ruth remembers one birthday when May did what for her?

5. One evening around the fourth of July, Daisy takes Ruth to the lake. They steal a boat and paddle out to the middle of the lake where they run into who?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ruth's time at Miss Finch's affect her?

2. How did May and Willard's marriage come to an end?

3. What does Ruth recall about school?

4. What does Matt do after high school graduation?

5. What does Ruth do after high school?

6. With what was May burdened? Why? How did she feel about this?

7. How does Ruth meet Ruby?

8. What leads to Ruth torturing Matt?

9. What did May do after Willard's death?

10. What did Ruth think about these letters from Sid? Why?

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