The Book of Ruth Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Honey Creek.

Honey Creek is a small farm town in the northernmost part of Illinois. The town is so small that everyone knows everyone's business.

2. Why does Ruth believe the people in town must feel sorry for her and her family?

Ruth's father left when she was ten, just drove away and went to Texas to pick grapefruit and never returned. Ruth recalls how her mother often told her her father's leaving was her fault because of the fighting.

3. What is the one happy memory Ruth has of her family?

The one happy memory Ruth has of her family is one afternoon when her father accidentally spilled ice cream on her head. Everyone laughed together at that. It is the only time Ruth can recall her family being happy all at once, together.

4. What leads to Ruth torturing Matt?

Matt is Ruth's younger brother, but he always did everything faster and better than she did. As children they often played house together, but Matt had to be the bride. As they grew older and Matt's intelligence continued to shine, Ruth began to torture him. It was a sort of revenge on Matt for May's clear pride in him.

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